8 Ways to Transform Your Home into a Luxurious Living Space

For many homeowners, the word luxurious is synonymous with expensive. Unfortunately, this belief can lead people to feel intimidated by the design process and hesitant to make a change. The fact is, the value of luxurious interior design isn’t about the price tag, but instead about the feelings evoked by style. So, what is luxury?

Cultivating luxury in a home means combining comfort with elegance and simple beauty. Of course, quality is always important no matter your design aesthetic—in terms of materials, true luxury is a preference for those that are durable enough to make a lasting impression. Luxury means consistency and authenticity that continues from room to room, allowing the transformation of your home into the ultimate luxe experience.

If a luxurious living space is something you have been yearning for, consider these 6 simple ways to create a more stylish and luxurious home:

  1. Clear Out the Clutter

    Keeping excess clutter to a minimum is key to wiping the slate clean and starting fresh as you work toward a more luxurious home. By eliminating bulky, unused pieces of furniture and décor, you give your favorite, upscale statement pieces a chance to be noticed and admired. Start by assessing each item and remove anything that does not serve an aesthetic or practical purpose. Remain open to relocating items to a more appropriate space in your home or even donating those that no longer align with your vision. Embracing unused space in a room is a minimalist approach that works well for those who want to achieve a more luxurious style.

  2. Fall in Love with Layers

    Part of clearing the clutter is providing yourself the opportunity to start over—recreate a space that speaks to your desire for a more luxurious living environment. Space without an abundance of things allows you the ability to layer simple elements to supply comfort without chaos. Consider gorgeous hardwoods highlighted with the perfect area rug and luscious furniture layered with a few soft pillows and rich accents. Do not be afraid to get creative with textures, fabrics and patterns so that open areas do not look bare. Use a variety of elements to add charm and value to your space.

  3. Get Inspired by Lighting

    The best way to make a space feel more lavish is by creatively using light, including natural light sources as well as a variety of lighting elements—both can act as focal points in a room and make an important statement. Unfortunately, lighting is one of the most challenging and often misunderstood aspects of luxury design. Consulting with an experienced interior designer will help you eloquently accentuate each room by choosing the right lighting for the space. When done well, lighting can lead to inspiration for a broader view of luxurious living that can carry over and flow into the next room.

  4. Upgrade Your Window Treatments

    When you’re looking for an interior upgrade that can create a significant impact and change the feel of your entire home, consider starting with window treatments. Choosing high end materials to create unique, custom curtains or blinds can make a big statement that will complement the rest of your home’s style. Fabrics such as silk and linen work well for windows in almost any room, marrying luxury and comfort in perfect union. If you have high ceilings, ensure that the length of your window treatments is appropriate and creates an air of luxury instead of corner cutting. Avoid dull or dark colored blinds and curtains that make a room feel dreary in favor of keeping things light and airy—use golden hues or metallic accents for added flair.

  5. Go Green

    Nothing says luxury quite like florals and greenery—upscale living almost always contains elements of lush greenery and fresh flowers throughout. Adding pops of color with living décor creates warmth in your home that is difficult to achieve with other decorative pieces. Some find it worthwhile to add fresh florals into their weekly budget while others chose to use enduring plants like succulents or orchids to give their home a high-end appearance.

  6. Keep it Classy and Neutral

    Carefully thought-out purchases may be necessary to reach your goal of having a more luxurious home. Selecting classic pieces in neutral tones is always a worthwhile investment, as they stay looking fresh much longer. Better yet, these pieces pair extremely well with accent pieces that show your personality. Simple, classy color palettes make the ideal backdrop for expressive layering and create the perfect foundation for luxurious highlights.

  7. Appeal to Your Senses

    Beyond the physical design elements that make up a luxurious home, place some emphasis on appealing to the senses to turn things up a notch. Target the sense of hearing by incorporating a home speaker system that pipes music throughout, adding to the overall luxurious atmosphere of your home. Find a signature scent that heightens your sense of smell, then diffuse essential oils or light candles that give off your signature, relaxing aroma. The sense of touch may be the biggest priority when it comes to luxurious living—use soft textures that invite people to feel enveloped by a luxe sensation and linen bedsheets that provide an upscale feeling of a luxury hotel for you or your houseguests.

  8. Make Self-Care a Priority

    Take your favorite daily rituals and make them part of the luxury design you are seeking. If you love specialty coffee in the morning, why not create a coffee bar in your kitchen with all the necessities and design a cozy window seat to take advantage of your gorgeous outdoor view? Similarly, a spa lover may need a bathroom renovation that takes relaxation and pampering to a whole new level. Self-care is a luxury we all deserve, so normalize your favorite routines by designing permanent places to enjoy yourself daily.

One of the best things about luxury design is that it can be easily paired with your favorite design styles, from the classic to the more eclectic. No matter your preferences, an expert interior designer can help you transform your home into a more luxurious living space.

Take Luxury to the Next Level

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