10 Ways to Bring CottageCore to Life and Surround Yourself With the Whimsical Feel of the Countryside You’ve Been Dreaming About

Are you a peace-seeker? Do you find yourself drawn to artisanal décor? Have you been dreaming about moving to the countryside for the serenity, but don’t want to leave your job and family where you are? The past year has been a turning point for many people who found themselves at home during the pandemic instead of in the office, on vacation, or spending time getting together with friends. Many of us found time to try our hand at a new hobby such as baking sourdough bread, knitting, painting, or propagating plants. These newfound hobbies might have served as an inspiration to the newest aesthetic, CottageCore.

Like many trends, CottageCore is not exactly brand new. The principals of this style of design have been around forever and recently gained popularity again among people who yearn for a living space that serves as a respite from the fast pace of day-to-day life, are most at peace surrounded by natural elements geared toward rustic simplicity, and who feel a connection with a bucolic lifestyle. If you are on a mission to create a romantic feel in your home, a more peaceful lifestyle that is inspired by tranquility and a back-to-basic appreciation for the natural world, then CottageCore is a design style you should consider.

10 Ways to Create a CottageCore Look for Your Home:

  1. Incorporate Vintage Chic and Antique Furniture

To return to the nostalgic feeling of being in our grandparents’ homes, we must bring vintage and antique furnishings and décor back to life. Picture combining charm with comfort by incorporating something like a farmhouse dresser used to display heirloom china in your dining room.

  1. Focus on Florals

Adding florals throughout your home on walls, soft textiles, pillows, and window treatments whisper cozy and romantic CottageCore, unlike any other design technique. The whimsical ambiance florals bring to a space says, “Have a seat, stay awhile; we are glad you are here.”

  1. Use Neutral Shades of Color

Neutral colors leaning toward pastel shades give a home a warm and cozy vibe that creates a relaxed, laid-back approach to living simply. Think blush, peach, and baby blue hues as a backdrop to design accents of wildflowers and one-of-a-kind thrift store furnishings.

  1. Consider Layering as an Approach to Style

CottageCore is all about charm, comfort, and abundance. A design technique used to create that lived-in feeling desired by people looking to slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures is layering. A layering approach to design allows your space to grow with you. Using materials and patterns that combine texture and softness generates a quaint, cottage-like effect you wish to achieve.

  1. Strive for Comfort, Charm, and Abundance

If escaping from the reality of a fast-paced, constantly plugged-in lifestyle is a goal of yours, then establishing a comfortable, charming, and abundant space is what you need to recharge. Domesticity is emphasized by bringing the outdoors in and creating a space that celebrates handmade crafting and self-sustainability. Imagine a home that serves as a sanctuary and embraces practical living with hints of enchantment to put you at ease.

  1. Create a Kitchen That Gives You All You Need

At the heart of CottageCore design, it is not about what it is, but rather what it is not. Creating a CottageCore kitchen means sticking to what you need and freeing yourself from adding forms of modern technology to a space that once only served as a space to cook homemade meals and for families to enjoy a cup of tea on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Instead, design elements such as a butler’s sink, an enameled range, and a Sheila maid drying rack take the place of stainless appliances and granite countertops to provide that cottage charm you want to experience in the heart of your home.

  1. Bring Coziness to Your Bathroom

For a classic vintage look and a luxurious way to relax, you must splurge on a clawfoot tub. A modern-day version of the authentic cast-iron tub is much lighter and more affordable as it is made from acrylic and fiberglass resin. However, the look is the same; it invites a romantic country-esque feel to a bathroom that is hard to achieve without this vintage piece.

  1. Make an Outdoor Space You’ll Never Want to Leave

Adding a rustic garden shed, white picket fence, and a walkway lined with hollyhocks and wildflowers will transport you directly to a picture-perfect countryside cottage. Climbing roses that encase your entryway are a welcome sight and an excellent opportunity to incorporate color in your landscape so that your guests are greeted with beauty before they even enter your home.

  1. Focus on Curb Appeal

As you approach your CottageCore home, expect it to stand out by its cheerful, happy colors of sunny yellows, soft blues, and sage greens. A wooden front door may have decorative detail that draws attention to a stunning front porch with white railing and Craftsman-style windows offset by sweet, crisp natural colored shingles.

  1. Finish With the Little Things

Baskets, teacups, dried flowers, and mixed and matched furnishings and décor make up the little details that have a significant impact on ensuring your CottageCore design feels real. Embrace yourself in all that CottageCore attempts to achieve by incorporating timeless, handcrafted pieces that speak to your nostalgic soul today and forever. It’s the little things that cumulatively create an overall design impression that expresses the pure bliss of simpler times.

If the concept of CottageCore has you believing that “happiness is truly homemade” and you are inspired by the idea of simple, slow-paced living amidst romantic, whimsical surroundings, we hope you reach out to CRT Studio to discuss plans for transforming your current space into a slice of quaint countryside living that will stand the test of time and have you loving the simple things in life again. Our experienced design team looks forward to turning your dream of a bucolic lifestyle into fruition. So, give Rob Turner a call or reach out by e-mail at rob@crtstudio.com today.