Creating an In-Home Wellness Space Takes Self-Care to a Whole New Level

If this past year has taught us anything, it’s that our homes have become our sanctuaries—places of refuge and protection—places to live in, work in, and play in. Pre-pandemic, we may have overlooked the opportunity for our homes to serve as wellness retreats, places where we can create spaces that invite self-care and optimal health. Currently, we are spending more time in our homes and, at times, are not permitted to go to our public gyms to work out or take a class. For this reason, people want to create their own wellness spaces at home, and it isn’t as hard as you might think to design a functional and attractive healthy living space by considering these trends in real estate wellness. We all want our homes to be spaces where we can be mindful and feel relaxed while enjoying surroundings that are tailored to our specific needs and love of all things wellness. From a home gym and sauna to a perfectly curated outdoor space, picture your home transformed into an at-home retreat where you can live your best life and take good care of yourself without leaving your property. Sounds impressive, right? Let’s explore five ideas for creating an in-home wellness space that takes self-care to a whole new level.
  1. Home Gyms If you’re looking for a place to work out without going out, a home gym is what you want. There are several different types of home gyms trending now that are not only functional but stylish as well, bringing a whole new vibe to your workout space to help you stay motivated and enjoy your time getting fit.• Designer Home Gym The designer home gym is equipped with luxuries such as a high-tech sound system, beverage refrigerator, or even a kitchenette, wall-mounted TVs, and strategically placed fans and mirrors to keep you comfortable and let you get a good look at your progress.• Rustic Home Gym If you love brick walls and exposed beams as a rustic style in your home, this gym could show off those details and more. Dark wood floors and old-time character throughout the space really set this style apart from any gym you’ve ever seen. • Modern Farmhouse Style Gym For those who have fallen in love with the modern farmhouse style, this gym will make you feel like you’ve died and gone to heaven. Start with sliding barn doors and enter a space with vintage lighting, gorgeous millwork, and cork floors. This workout space can easily double as a reading nook or an excellent place to take a call; it’s that comfortable. • Scandinavian-Inspired Home Gym If you love the Scandinavian-style home, you may also want to consider a Scandi-inspired home gym. Picture a bright space with white walls, light hardwood floors, French doors, and lots of natural light. Top off the space with a crystal chandelier hanging from a tall or vaulted ceiling.
  1. Steam Saunas/Showers Many people will choose to enhance their bathroom with a steam shower and sauna for the ultimate retreat following a good workout. Wood such as spruce or pine is generally used to entrap heat and prevent it from escaping. The space is designed with peace as its focus. In-ceiling speakers can be added as well as automatic sensor lighting to set the mood. Specific design elements such as fixtures, colors, and location of the sauna are up to you. The design experts of CRT Studio would love to share some ideas to customize this room for you.
  2. Relaxing Outdoor Space Some version of a relaxing outdoor space is needed in every home, especially if you hope to achieve total wellness as it should be experienced—body, mind, and soul. Nature in and of itself contributes to improved mental health. It’s the designer’s job to help complement the natural elements with color, functionality, and décor that promotes calmness. Think of this space as an in-home retreat to have coffee with friends, read a book alone, do a daily meditation or practice yoga. The design team at CRT Studio can help you create a space that transitions well from indoors to outdoors by using colors from the interior and blending them with the ones in your outdoor space. It’s vital to incorporate similar textures and design elements from your indoor space as well. You want the outdoor space to reflect your interior but not use identical furnishings and décor. Functionally speaking, you want this space to work year-round and in a variety of ways. For example, you may need to consider heat lamps and lighting as well as furniture that can be easily rearranged in the event you want to transform your space from a place for a family gathering into your yoga studio.Comfort is also a key element and can be achieved by adding plants and other sources of greenery, as well as a cozy seating area, throw pillows, and an indoor/outdoor rug to pull it all together.
  3. Sunrooms If you like the idea of a relaxing outdoor space, but would rather bring the outdoors in, then a sunroom may be a better choice for you. There’s more of a guarantee that a sunroom could be used year-round, as it offers a climate-controlled space with all the views you would get if you were completely outdoors. Obviously, natural light is a theme of all sunrooms, enjoyed by an abundance of windows and skylights. The design ideas are endless and can be customized based on your vision of what you want to use your space for.
If any of these wellness spaces are intriguing to you, reach out to CRT Studio Interiors to discuss the details of your ideas. Our design team would love to help you create a space that can help you live longer and better by giving you a wellness retreat that speaks to your needs and keeps you motivated and happy in the comfort of your own home. Give Rob Turner a call or email