Part of owning a coastal home is living a lifestyle that revolves around the sun, so why not incorporate it using design? Your home’s temperature can be modified by strategically placing curtains and blinds. Using indoor objects that reflect the sunlight in various ways can also add brightness and dynamism.

Block the Sun, Keep It Cool

Strategically placing blinds and curtains can be an effective way to block out the harsh sun and keep the air conditioning in. Here are some tips for you and your interior designer to consider:

  • Use blackout curtains or blinds. Blackout curtains and blinds are designed to block out light and can be particularly effective at blocking the sun’s rays. They are handy in rooms where you want to keep the light out completely, such as bedrooms.
  • Consider the direction of the sun. Depending on where your windows are facing, you may want to adjust the placement of your curtains or blinds accordingly. For example, if you have east-facing windows, you may want to close your blinds in the morning to block out the early morning sun. If you have west-facing windows, you may want to close your curtains in the afternoon to block out the late afternoon sun.
  • Use reflective blinds. Reflective blinds are designed to reflect sunlight away from your windows, which can help keep your room cooler. These blinds are particularly effective at blocking out the sun’s rays in rooms with large windows.
  • Consider the color of your curtains or blinds. Darker colors absorb more heat, which can make a room feel warmer. Lighter colors reflect heat, which can help keep a room cooler. You may want to consider lighter-colored curtains or blinds in a coastal home with a warmer climate.

Overall, you can effectively block out the sun’s rays and keep your room cool during the day by using a combination of blackout curtains or blinds, reflective blinds, and strategic placement.

Staying Comfortable in Your Outdoor Living Space

Designing outdoor spaces to block the sun can make time spent outside more comfortable and enjoyable. Here are some useful ideas for blocking the sun outside:

  • Umbrellas are a classic way to provide shade in outdoor spaces. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, from small tabletop versions to large, freestanding models. When choosing an umbrella, look for one made from a UV-resistant fabric with a sturdy, weather-resistant frame.
  • Sun blockers. Sun blockers are similar to umbrellas but often designed to be more permanent. They can be attached to the side of a building or installed on a pergola or other outdoor structure. Sun blockers come in various materials, including canvas, mesh, and PVC-coated polyester.
  • Awnings are a great way to provide shade to windows and doors, as well as outdoor living spaces. They can be retractable or stationary and come in a variety of materials and colors. Look for awnings made from durable, weather-resistant materials that are also UV-resistant.
  • Outdoor furniture. When selecting outdoor furniture, consider pieces with built-in shade, such as a canopy or an umbrella. Many outdoor furniture manufacturers now offer sun-resistant fabrics designed to resist fading and damage from UV rays.
  • Sun-resistant fabrics. When selecting outdoor fabrics, look for those designed to resist fading and damage from UV rays. Sun-resistant fabrics are often made from materials such as acrylic or polyester and come in a variety of colors and patterns.

Overall, by incorporating umbrellas, sun blockers, awnings, outdoor furniture with built-in shade, and sun-resistant fabrics into outdoor designs, homeowners can enjoy comfortable and stylish spaces that are protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

Rooms That Dance with Sunlight

Incorporating sunlight in the home can create a warm and inviting atmosphere and inspire and reinvigorate. Here are some ways a designer may incorporate sunlight into your home design:

  • Crystal Chandeliers. Crystal chandeliers are a beautiful way to play with sunlight in the home. As the sunlight passes through the crystals, it creates a stunning display of light and color that can add elegance and glamor to any room. In a room with large windows or skylights, hanging a chandelier can maximize the reflected natural light.
  • Stained Glass. Stained glass windows or panels are another way to play with sunlight in the home. The colorful designs and patterns of stained glass can add a unique and artistic touch to any room. Install stained glass panels in windows or use them as decorative pieces to capture and reflect the sunlight.
  • Mirrors are a great way to reflect sunlight and brighten up a room. Place mirrors opposite windows or in areas where they can catch the natural light and reflect it into the room. The reflection of sunlight can make a room feel larger and more open.
  • Sheer Curtains. Sheer curtains are a great way to let natural light into a room while providing privacy. The light and airy fabric of sheer curtains allows the sunlight to filter through, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Use sheer curtains in rooms with large windows or doors to maximize the amount of natural light that enters.
  • Skylights are a great way to bring natural light into a room that doesn’t have many windows. They can be installed in almost any room and come in various styles and sizes. Skylights allow natural light to flood into the room, creating a bright and cheerful atmosphere.

Brighten up your coastal home by bathing it in light. Working with a professional designer can help you take advantage of the sun’s direction in your specific home and incorporate its light in creative and beautiful ways to best suit your aesthetic. Be sure to play with the sunlight indoors, using beautiful indoor coastal plants, such as snake plants, bird’s nest ferns, or air plants.

Find Out More About Creating Sun-Inspired Spaces

If you want to start designing your coastal home with lots of sunlight, look no further. CRT Studio specializes in creating beautiful, light-filled spaces that capture the essence of coastal living. From selecting the perfect coastal-inspired color palette to incorporating natural elements like wood and seagrass, we’ll work with you to create a functional and beautiful space. Contact Rob Turner of CRT Studio at (407) 440-4446 or and let us help you create the coastal home of your dreams.