Florida coastal homes are perfect for gathering those close to you and spending time under a single roof during periods like summer vacation and winter holidays. Not only will they get to experience the charm of your home, but they can also explore all the beauty that Florida has to offer. One of the difficulties with planning large group visits, however, is finding enough sleeping space for each person in your home. Guest rooms are a great solution, but you may need other options if your guests outnumber the guest rooms.

Bunk Beds

If you have guest rooms that are large enough to accommodate bunk beds, this option can be an effective way to add sleeping areas to your home without taking up any extra floor space. Newer bunk beds offer a stunning combination of expanded sleeping areas with stylish designs that blend seamlessly with the feel of your home. Since bunk beds also come in a wide range of configurations, such as a queen on the bottom with a twin on top or two offset twin beds on the bottom with a twin on top, you can make a choice that will best fit the needs of the guests you plan to invite.

Pull-Out Beds and Couches

Pull-out beds are single trundle beds stored underneath another single bed. This ensures the mattress is not taking up valuable space while not in use and will not require any special storage. Keeping a mattress protector on the bed will keep the mattress in top quality, ready for your guests when they arrive. Pull-out couches are similar in that the mattress is tucked away when not in use, but it tucks into a sofa or couch. Far from being limited to uncomfortable and unstylish options, updated pull-out couches and sofas offer both comfort and convenience.

Murphy Beds

In rooms with ample wall space but little floor space, Murphy beds are an excellent option. Murphy beds, or wall beds, mount to a wall and use intricate folding mechanisms to lower and raise the bed as needed. They are ideal for dual-purpose rooms where you need floor space during the day but not at night. While not in use and folded away, they often seamlessly blend into your home as cabinets or built-in shelving. Some Murphy beds even offer horizontal folding options if your home has low ceiling heights.

Tents For Children

Though tents are generally not ideal for adult travelers, they can enhance the overall experience of a child’s vacation. Allowing a child to pitch a tent is a great way for them to create their own little space that also helps keep their belongings contained in one location. Depending on the weather and situation, children may also be able to experience the beauty of Florida’s night sky by putting their tent outside.

Lounging Options

Even existing options, such as regular couches or recliners, in common spaces can double as sleeping locations when necessary. These items expand the sleeping area in your home without requiring additional furniture or design planning.

Other Considerations for Hosting Large Groups

Though sleeping arrangements are one of the major factors that must be planned for when your loved ones visit in large groups, it is far from the only factor you must consider. Two other important factors are organization techniques and home cleanliness.

Organization Techniques

Every person you invite into your home will bring luggage and other belongings with them on their trip. These belongings must find somewhere to be, or they are bound to get scattered all over your home. Spreading storage options throughout your home will help eliminate this temporary clutter. To achieve this seamlessly, consult with a designer. Some organization options include:

  • Cubby Storage

Cubby storage options provide specific areas for your guest’s belongings, helping them contain their things and keep them separate from the other guest’s items.

  • Storage Under the Bed or in the Headboard

Providing space under beds or in headboards of beds for storage keeps your guest’s belongings within their immediate sleeping area. Since they are likely to spend most of their time outside the home, keeping their items near their sleeping areas can reduce clutter.

  • Storage Inside a Coffee Table or Cabinets

Choosing coffee tables or cabinets with extra storage provides your guests with accessible storage throughout your home.

  • Built-Ins

There may be space within your home that can be used to create built-in storage, such as empty space underneath a staircase. Capitalizing on this space can improve the overall storage in your home, leaving more areas for your guests.

Home Care

Though you enjoy visits from your friends and family, large groups are bound to create large messes, especially when you consider the sand and dirt they are likely to pick up from exploring the Florida coastal areas. Fortunately, you have options to cut down on the messes your guests create.

  • Outdoor Shower

Building an outdoor shower will provide your guests with the means to wash away most of the sand before they enter your home.

  • Mud Room

Using a mud room to encourage guests to remove their shoes and outwear will also reduce the sand brought into your home. Offering slippers is a way to help your guests feel more welcome in your home.

  • Cleaning Service

Though your visitors will attempt to keep your home clean, clutter and dirt are bound to happen. Hiring a cleaning service or increasing the hours of your current service will ensure you come home from a day of exploration to find a clean and tidy home.

Planning for Your Guests

If you intend to use your home to host large groups over multiple days, you will likely find benefit in working with an interior design company that can recommend changes to enhance your coastal home.  Contact Rob Turner of CRT Studio at (407) 440-4446 or rob@crtstudio.com to create a space that combines your everyday comfort with the ease of hosting groups.