The cheer and excitement of the holiday season can be overwhelming, but there are simple things you can do to achieve a cozy feel for the holidays. Getting the house decorated and transformed to embrace the holiday spirit might seem like a long process. However, with the right plan and direction, you can prepare your home for guests in no time.

The coastal and airy design of Florida coastal homes is what makes them unique. When decorating for the holidays, it can be a challenge to balance the aesthetic of a coastal home with cozy winter wonderland decor. That’s where we come in. CRT Studio has some tips for you to add cheer to your coastal Florida home this holiday season so you can cozy up the space in a way that compliments your home’s existing aesthetic.

Decide on Your Color Palette

Before making any purchases or taking any of your existing decorations out of storage, you need to decide which color palette you want to guide the decorating process. Consider opting for a cool palette, like varying shades of blues and grays, with a strong pop of color, like an electric blue. Depending on your final color scheme, a warmer palette that plays with deeper reds, oranges, or even greens can also go well with a metallic pop, such as silver or gold.

CRT Studio recommends that you choose a few primary colors so that the final feel is not cluttered or chaotic. Simplicity is the key. You will be surprised at how quickly Christmas decorations can fill up a space, and you want the home to give a relaxing atmosphere for holiday guests to visit. Remove any clunky objects or pieces that will take away attention from your new decorations.

Be sure to take out any items that clash with your color palette. You can do this by taking a few items with your palette, placing them in each room, then stepping back and identifying those that don’t compliment the colors. Don’t hesitate to remove mismatched items using a minimalistic approach.

Create a Focal Point

Having a special place in the room that catches the eye of visitors will complete the cozy atmosphere. For the living room, it might be a Christmas tree or menorah over the fireplace. For the dining room, this place could be the center of the table or the top of a cabinet.

You should decide where the main attraction will be in the room and decorate from there. Use smaller pieces in different parts of the room to accentuate the focal point, and make sure that there is balance within the room.

Using your fireplace as an eye-catcher for holiday decor is a classic choice. Consider creating a tasteful focal point and add candles of varying sizes that match your palette. Incorporate pinecones and holiday flowers, such as poinsettias. Another holiday favorite is placing a nutcracker collection by the fireplace. If you are celebrating Christmas, don’t forget the stockings near the focal point. Make sure that they match your palette and have a simple tone not to overwhelm the guests.

Take some time to decide on the focal piece of the table in the dining room. Choose a runner that will balance the table’s shape and feel. If you are focusing on fall decorations, use warmer colors, gourds, and autumn leaves to compliment the runner. Place them in a bowl or basket. You can also arrange them in a careful formation that leads to the center. Moving into the winter season, you can switch out the gourds with pine and pieces of mistletoe. Select placemats, napkins, glasses, and plates that aren’t too flashy, or take away focus from the centerpiece.

Add Items that Keep You Warm and Offer a Decorative Appeal

To provide you and your guests with a more comfortable and inviting space, we recommend exploring items such as throw pillows and blankets. Accent pillows in deep colors can add new dimensions to the room and transform existing loungers and couches. Consider choosing lighter, airier color choices from your palette to compliment the ambiance of your beach home and keep the look current.

Choose the right cozy holiday decor that can last you through the winter, long after the season is over. Add touches of the holiday season throughout your home. You can do small things to pull the holiday charm into the home, such as putting out bowls of seasonal nuts, dried fruits, and candies to add a pop of color and keep your guests delighted at your home.

Don’t Forget Your Outdoor Space

One of the advantages of having a coastal Florida home is that you can use your outdoor space year-round.  Add festive decorations, wooly blankets, and outdoor pillows if you have a porch, patio, yard, or other outdoor space. This is an excellent opportunity to add seasonal plants to your area, such as an amaryllis or Christmas cactus.

Be sure to use your chosen color palette in the backyard to tie the indoors and outdoors together. Clean your outdoor seating area by removing rotting leaves and pruning plants that might make the space feel unwelcoming. Add string lights, warm lanterns, and candles for cozy nights outside.

Take Your Coastal Holiday Cheer to the Next Level

Are you still looking for more advice on how to spice up your Florida home with festivity? If you want to meld coastal with festive in a classic and elegant way, get in touch with Rob Turner at CRT Studio by calling (407) 440-4446 or emailing CRT Studio will work with you directly to find out how to make your specific holiday vision a reality and carry out the perfect design plan for your home’s look.