Creating a Stylish and Functional Home Office

With more people working from home now than ever before, designing a highly functional home office space is a design trend that is rising to the top. People are tired of working from makeshift spaces in their bedrooms or kitchens and are looking for an exclusive office space that gives them the feeling of actually being at the office. If you find yourself dreaming of a place to retreat to that gives you privacy to get some work done, adequate storage space to keep things functional, and a color scheme that fosters productivity, let CRT Studios help bring your dream to reality.

The expert designers of CRT Studio can help you transform an existing space into a home office or create additional square footage in your home to give you the space you need to enjoy your work life to its fullest.

To create the best home office, these six things should be considered before a design plan is established.

  1. Choose the Right Colors

To say that there is a perfect color scheme for a home office isn’t exactly true. There are three main categories of color trends that work well for office spaces. Which color you choose is ultimately up to you, depending on the type of person you are and what kind of work you do. Take a look at these ideas to see where you might fit in terms of color choices for your home office.

  • Calming Colors. Believe it or not, the color on our walls has a direct impact on our mood and stress level. Lighter shades of blue tend to be calming and can promote relaxation throughout your workday. In addition to blues, colors like dusty beiges and muted greens and grays can put your mind at ease and keep stress levels to a minimum.
  • Creative Colors. Creative people thrive in rooms full of vibrant colors as bright as the ideas they are generating in their heads. Colors such as yellows and oranges promote optimism and confidence. Even if these colors are only used as accents, they tend to portray an energetic vibe that makes us happy inside.
  • Colors That Help You Concentrate. If your job calls for a detail-oriented workspace, then you may want to lean toward colors such as greens, darker blues, golds, and creamy whites that help you focus and boost concentration levels even on long workdays. These colors are easy on the eyes and create a sense of balance in a space.

While color choice is about individual preferences, some colors affect people differently. Consider the psychological aspect of colors and how they affect potential patrons before you make a final decision.

  1. Create a View that Sets the Virtual Stage

Your new home office will be the backdrop for virtual meetings, and you’ll want it to look and play the part in the virtual world we’ve come to live in. This means you’ll need a staged background that is both professional and attractive. We’ve all taken notice of a distracting environment behind the camera. As if the focus inadvertently captured the dirty ceiling fan, cluttered bookshelf or the display of crooked pictures. This is embarrassing, for sure, but can also be completely avoided just by taking a little extra care and paying close attention to the layout of the space.

 It is also highly recommended that you perform a practice shoot before going live. Interior designer, Rob Turner, recommends creating a strong focal point that is both a design principle and a personal statement. He was recently quoted in Interior Appeal as saying, “The home office is now the backdrop to the world in which people operate professionally. I call it the Zoom view.”

  1. Find a Location That Works

When deciding on the best space for your home office, consider these three things: lighting, noise level, and foot traffic. If you have a functional space in your current home that will work to convert into a designated home office, start with a clean slate and work from there. If you find that additional square footage is the best way to obtain the functional space you are craving, then the possibilities are endless.

An addition to your home allows you to start from scratch and systematically incorporate light sources, personal design preferences, and storage solutions that can be customized based on your dream workspace.  

  1. Create Storage to Keep Organized

Storage is especially important if you are working with a small space and need to maximize every inch of the room. Modern-day storage solutions for home offices are as unique and stylish as they are functional and practical. Proper storage helps create an organized space that increases productivity and reduces clutter. Using wall shelves instead of bookcases is an innovative way to save floor space and creates a more modern look than traditional office furniture and décor.

  1. Focus on Light Sources

When it comes to lighting a home office setting, natural light is a top priority. Placing your desk by a window and allowing the light to pour in provides a connection to the outside world as well as gives warmth to a room. Because most people spend a good amount of the day in their office, choosing window treatments and shades is an invaluable decision that will keep you on track when the sun shifts. There are many options in blinds and coverings that can prevent glare on your computer screen, for example, or simply create privacy. Ambient light is just as important, though, as it adds calmness to a space, and depending on the type of work you do, this is vital. A final light source that makes a statement is task lighting. Finding a suitable desk lamp, for example, can pull a space together as well as decrease eye strain.

  1. Invest in Functional Furniture That Is Comfortable

The days of large stately desks and stiff, hard chairs are a thing of the past. More modern, stylish spaces include a desk and chair that are both comfortable and show off your personality. Consider choosing a smaller desk that makes the room seem airy and invites creativity to flow. Balance out the room by adding metallic or natural texture accents that create focus. As for your chair and other seating in the room, it’s possible to choose comfort and style in a single piece.

There is an increasing variety of office furniture that is ergonomic and looks posh while helping you stay productive all day long. Using throw pillows, stylish colors, and cozy upholstery is a welcome trend in 2021 as well. This is an area that you can really bring in what you love, and the inventive designers at CRT Studio will make it all work. 

Find Exclusive Studio Design in Winter Park with CRT Studio

Are you ready to have a stylish and functional workspace that brings you joy and shows off your true self-expression? Check out CRT Studio’s portfolio to get your creative juices going. If you see something that inspires you or you would like to discuss how to customize your home office design, contact Rob Turner.