The tile and backsplash you choose for your coastal home do more than protect your walls. They show your unique style and personality. With all the tile and backsplash choices on the market, there’s no reason to stress over form versus function – there are endless options for both. However, deciding which colors and tile sizes look best in the different areas of your home can be a challenge. Find distinctive décor for your coastal home to make your house pop with advice from the experts at CRT Studio.

Tips for Choosing Tile and Backsplash that You Love

Choosing tile for your bathroom or the backsplash in your kitchen isn’t as simple as color choice or style. Consider your home’s aesthetic and how your choice can affect the ambiance of your home. The trick is choosing tiles you love that also enhance the style of your kitchen or bathroom.

Here are some tips to help you choose tile that you adore:

Consider Your Color Options

While color isn’t everything, it should be the first thing. Narrow down your options by finding a color scheme that works for you and your home. Begin by deciding whether you’re looking to keep your space neutral or if you want to add color. Many homeowners choose tile in traditionally calm shades to keep their home’s cozy, simple feel. Backsplashes, on the other hand, are a fun way to branch out in style. Add pops of color or intricate designs to give the area character. Think of the kitchen backsplash as a focal point of the area and plan your style around its texture or bright color. No matter what size or shape your tile may be, finding a color scheme that you love will help you to appreciate your coastal home’s beauty.

Think About the Tile Shape

The shape of a tile has more aesthetic power than many people realize. In fact, it can have a considerable effect on the appearance and aesthetic of a room. The shape of your tile plays a large role in the kind of designs that you can create. For example, rounder, soft-edged tiles mimic the ocean waves and help to direct the eyes to where the design takes them. These tiles are best for creating circular and round designs. Sharper, angular-shaped tiles, in contrast, can be used to create sophisticated patterns and can help basic spaces like bathrooms stand out.

Experiment With Different Patterns

Patterns do more than look pretty. They can accentuate and enhance certain features of your coastal home. Wood strip and straight lay patterns are some of the most common tile patterns. These patterns are mostly used on floors and walls to highlight the features around them instead of holding the viewer’s attention. Not every home looks for a streamlined design, and patterns can make a statement. Herringbone and mosaic designs can transform the feel of any space.

Embrace a Theme

If you don’t have one already, it’s never too late to embrace a theme for your home’s décor. Coastal homes have such unique charm that homeowners should accentuate their properties’ personalities by adding décor that matches a coastal theme. This could include using soft pastel colors with pops of oranges and deep blues, using designs that reflect ocean waves, or even adding seashells to your backsplash.

Don’t Be Afraid of Different Designs

Designing your dream home can be intimidating, but it can boil down to finding one piece you love and designing around it. Intricate designs, bright colors, and complex patterns are all tools to infuse your home with style and personality. If you’re looking to add personality to your home, emphasize its beauty, and make a statement, embracing a fun design can be a big help.

Incorporating the Spanish Style into Your Coastal Home

Spanish style homes incorporate rich, modern colors, ornate woodwork, and rustic designs to highlight the charm of any home. While this style of design is quite different from the coastal style, the marriage of Spanish style homes with a coastal aesthetic offers endless design choices and a home that stands apart from the typical Florida style. To incorporate elements of Spanish design into your coastal home consider:

Using Spanish Colonial Tiles

Spanish Colonial tiles are beautiful, square-shaped tiles with sophisticated designs. They are an amazing choice for backsplashes and tiled rooms where homeowners want to create a focal point. Spanish Colonial tiles use pops of colors like yellows, oranges, and reds and can add personality to any room in your house. Consider adding Spanish Colonial tiles on your staircase, near your fireplace, or in your bathroom.

Adding More Warm Colors

The Spanish style emphasizes rich, warm colors. To incorporate more of the Spanish style into your coastal home, add more warm colors. It can make a big difference in the character of your home. While the coastal style mostly focuses on soft blues and pastels, the pops of reds and oranges of the Spanish style create a gorgeous effect when the two styles are combined.

Using Spanish-Style Décor

Home décor is an inexpensive way to embrace Spanish style in your coastal home. To incorporate more of the Spanish Colonial style into your interior design, simply add some Spanish-styled pieces. Terra cotta vases, wooden furniture, and statement-piece chandeliers can all help you incorporate the style. Spanish-inspired tiles and backsplashes can be an amazing centerpiece for your kitchen or bathroom.

Best Tile Colors for Coastal Homes

Color choice is always specific to the individual and the feel of their home. You can stay within the coastal and Spanish style while imbuing the area with your stylistic spin. Embrace varying shades that fit into the coastal and Spanish aesthetic by using shades from these colors:

  • Pastel blue
  • Deep blue
  • Indigo
  • White
  • Coral
  • Orange
  • Deep brown

Design Your Dream Home with The Right Tile and Backsplash Today

Tiles and backsplashes are a fun way to give your home an update. They are also a great consideration in a home redesign. To give your coastal home a refresh or upgrade from experienced home designers, call us. The experts at CRT Studio can help you find tiles and designs that you love. For more information on how we can help to upgrade your coastal home, contact Rob Turner of CRT Studio at or (407) 440-4446 to discuss your dream decorating needs.