Floridian-inspired home décor can look tacky if it is overdone or not well-designed. Gone are the days of cluttered beach-themed décor and tropical patterns left and right. These overwhelming design choices can take away from the relaxing feel of the Florida lifestyle. If you like the charm of classic Florida home décor, but want to achieve a more modern and upscale design, you have several options.

Avoid Cliché Decor

Instead of scattering tropical fish, palm trees, and sea shells throughout your Florida home, focus on a color scheme or texture and build your décor from there. Avoid clutter in your design. While it can be easy to find many design elements that match your style, refrain from adding everything to your cart. For example, a foyer table may only need a lamp and two or three simple décor elements. Consider a glass vase filled with fresh flowers or pampas grass and a tasteful picture frame filled with a family photo – no need to scatter décor from end to end.

Light and Airy

Keeping a space light and airy can be done in many ways. First, as we’ve already discussed, avoiding clutter is one crucial design element when it comes to creating an airy environment. Overwhelming décor can be stressful to process visually and often ends up looking like a mess, even if it is all on a theme. Choose a few simple pieces that complement your theme rather than going overboard.

Lighting, both in your window treatments and light fixtures, is another factor to consider when going for a sunny Florida-chic vibe in your space. Overall, let there be light! Instead of blackout curtains, try light-filtering curtains that allow for privacy while still letting light shine through. Cotton and linen curtains promote a beachy feel while also providing optimal sunlight.

Choosing the right light fixtures can also help create a luminescent atmosphere. Find fixtures with minimal shade, such as ones where the bulb is visible. These fixtures both allow more light to shine through and are less bulky than other fixtures. Equipping your fixtures with a dimmable feature will still allow you to adjust your brightness when you’re looking to create some ambiance.

Choose Color Schemes Thoughtfully

Along with keeping your space free of clutter, your paint and color scheme choices can also aid in achieving a light and airy feel. Florida-chic spaces are often painted with light colors, such as white, light beige, grassy greens, or a light shade of blue. If you opt for neutral paint color, you can bring pops of coastal colors into your space with your furniture or décor choices. Keeping your walls and large furniture pieces neutral can allow you to more easily change things if you’re someone who likes variety. Change the vibe of your Florida-chic space from season to season or for special occasions by bringing color in with your décor by using vases, artwork, and linens.

Statement Pieces

If you’re looking for a pop of color or enjoy the stimulating patterns of more classic Florida home décor, choose a statement piece for each room. You may have an eccentric piece of art that could hang on the wall in an otherwise neutral and airy space or a chair upholstered with a playful tropical pattern. Use pieces like this as the focal point of the room, rather than the design inspiration for the entire space. Designing a space around one statement piece can lead to busy color schemes and overwhelming décor, making the piece you want to feature get lost in the mix.

Use Texture

Incorporating coastal textures is a great way to embrace a Florida-chic design, and it goes beyond just furniture. Choosing the right fabrics, such as cotton and linen, are important when it comes to furniture, rugs, and linens, but consider the other types of textures featured in your home, too.

Using plants and their containers can be one way to elevate the textures in a space. The plants themselves can offer a variety of textures depending on your choices – consider succulents, plants with variegated leaves, or soft pampas grasses. Additionally, neutral textures such as rattan and rope can help to add some texture to your space while keeping colors neutral. Rattan light fixtures, furniture, or decorative bowls can all be used to add texture tastefully. Macrame wall hangings or rope-covered ottomans can also be considered, depending on your design.

Expand Your Design Outdoors

One of the perks of owning a home in Florida is the opportunity to enjoy your outdoor space thanks to the beautiful weather and natural scenery. Make sure to consider the design and functionality of your outdoor space as you embrace the Florida-chic lifestyle. Many of the same ideas apply when it comes to choosing pieces for your outdoor space. Keep things natural to accompany the water and plant life that surrounds you.

Create ambiance with a sleek fire table, or add large outdoor candles to your regular table. Incorporate light where you can, depending on your space. String lights, votives, and pathway lighting can all create a warm and inviting space to enjoy with friends and family. Choose outdoor furniture sets that can withstand the heat and water they’ll encounter, while still considering their aesthetic. Use outdoor pillows for comfort and an elevated design, and consider an outdoor rug if you’re looking to add a pop of color, anchor a space, and add a little extra comfort under your feet.

Contact CRT Studio for Expert Design Advice

By embracing the Florida-chic design, you can create a luxurious and relaxing space to accompany the coastal lifestyle. When you’re going for a Florida-chic feel, consider all of the different ways to embrace the design without overdoing it. Choose light colors, incorporate coastal textures, keep things open and airy, and avoid clutter to make your space more welcoming and stress-free, both indoors and outdoors.

If you are looking for guidance on how to incorporate Florida-chic design elements in your space or want to learn more, contact Rob Turner of CRT Studio at (407) 440-4446 or rob@crtstudio.com.