Between brushing your teeth, bathing, and other self-care, you probably spend a lot of time in the bathroom throughout the day. Given the amount of time you spend in that space, you might want to consider implementing a luxurious and welcoming design to your bathroom to make it a more enjoyable place to be. By adding certain design elements, any bathroom can feel more relaxing and spa-like. Whether you are looking to completely renovate or hoping to make some small changes on a budget, the ideas below can help you elevate your bathroom.

Stick With a Cohesive Aesthetic

Luxury isn’t defined by just one aesthetic, so make sure to stick with a theme when designing your space. You can choose between classic, country, contemporary, or minimalist luxury — and the options don’t end there. Regardless of which luxury theme you choose, stick with it when choosing your design elements so you end up with a cohesive space. Going overboard on the luxury theme, or any theme, can end up leaving a space looking and feeling cluttered, which is not luxurious at all.

Color and Materials

Once you have selected your theme, consider which materials and colors will fit the aesthetic you want for your space. Marble is sophisticated, and its lighter colors can help make the bathroom seem brighter.

Additionally, some tile features can also add luxury if you are looking to add color, patterns, and texture to their bathroom design. Luxury can come in many colors, but gold finishes are often seen as being more luxurious than silver, though chrome has its place in certain designs.

Luxury Feature Fixtures

While luxury elements are not necessary to create a luxurious bathroom atmosphere, they can take the luxury to the next level. If you have the budget and space, consider installing a freestanding bathtub. There are modern styles available, but if you’re going for a more classic luxury look, consider a claw foot tub.

Other large elements that could be incorporated to enhance the luxury of your space include the vanity and sink, mirror, and shower. There are even luxury toilets available complete with smart features and bidets with many functions.


Luxury can also be found in a bathroom’s hardware, which can be a quick and easy upgrade if you are looking to make small but powerful changes in your space. For example, changing out the showerhead to one with more functions is one way to add luxury and a spa-like feel to the bathing experience. Upgrading the faucet, handles, toilet paper holder, and towel racks are also quick but effective changes when redesigning a space. For an added boost of comfort, look for hardware with special features, like a heated towel holder.

Luxury Linens

Luxury doesn’t stop at design — if you are looking for luxury in your bathroom space, the experience itself should be luxurious, so quality linens can go a long way. You should purchase the highest quality towels and washcloths you can afford. Luxurious feeling towels are often made from Egyptian, pima, Turkish, or organic cotton. They all can have extra-long fibers, making them soft, durable, and absorbent.

In addition to choosing a high-quality material, a luxurious weight is also essential. Towel weight is measured in GSM, or “grams per square meter.” This can range from 300-900 GSM, the heavier generally being the more luxurious feeling. A larger-sized towel, often called a bath sheet, also feels more luxurious — there is nothing worse than stepping out of the shower and trying to dry off with a towel that is too small. 

Luxurious Vanity

If you have the space for it, a double sink and vanity can add a luxury feel to a bathroom, both visually and functionally. The vanity is often one of the most used fixtures in a bathroom, so making it a focal point is a good option. Ensure the lighting is sufficient around the mirrors and use large mirrors to make your space look bigger.

Mirrors with a stunning frame or interesting shape can also be an elegant statement piece. Additionally, keeping the vanity clean and featuring fresh flowers can also add an element of opulence to your space.


Lighting elements and placement can make or break a luxurious bathroom design. Consider lighting with dimmable features so you can adjust the brightness to suit your mood and occasion. For example, you likely want brighter lights when doing your makeup, but you might want to be able to dim the lights when you take a bath to make it more relaxing.

A tasteful statement lighting fixture can be luxurious, but so can subtle lighting. It is ultimately up to your preference and the overall design when it comes to choosing a statement lighting piece. If you have a window in your space, consider a luxury window treatment to add elegance and take advantage of the natural light.

High-End Toiletries and Scents

There’s no better way to ruin a luxurious space than to finish it off with discount toilet paper and bargain toiletries. Finish off your luxurious space with plush toilet paper and a selection of high-quality bath and body products. Candles or essential oils can add to a spa-like feel. Some showerheads even can diffuse essential oils as they work, providing an aromatherapy experience as you shower and also adding a pleasant scent to the bathroom. Remember to avoid clutter with too many toiletries — store most of them out of sight, such as organized neatly in drawers and cupboards.

Contact CRT Studio for Expert Design Advice

By updating your bathroom’s design, you can create a luxurious space to be enjoyed by all who enter. When you’re going for a luxury feel, consider all of the different ways to add luxury, from big fixtures to the finishing touches. Remember to choose an aesthetic theme and stick to it to avoid a busy or mismatched space.

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