Florida residents have much to enjoy in their state, from bustling beaches and lush wetlands to vibrant urban landscapes. Professionals have demanding schedules and routines, driving the need for a space to escape and unwind. A dedicated relaxation room in the home can have myriad benefits for physical and mental health. By adopting certain design techniques to create an at-home oasis, Florida professionals can find the peace they need without even leaving their doorstep.

Establishing a Dedicated Zen Space

Choosing one room in the home solely dedicated to unplugging and unwinding is beneficial to homeowners, as it associates calm with a particular space in the house. Having a designated sanctuary to unwind and recharge signals to the brain that it is time to relax. To establish a designated modern zen oasis, homeowners can leverage the following tips:

Take Advantage of Light

Light is a crucial component of mental health. Therefore, when choosing which room will be designated as the zen space, it’s important to select a room with optimal natural light. Furthermore, considering smart lighting options, such as those that can be programmed to evoke certain moods throughout the day, should be considered.

Adopt a Tranquil, Cohesive Color Palette

Opt for a modern color palette that brings a sense of safety and calm. Cool tones such as greens and blues can promote calm, while warmer neutrals like taupe and sandy beige can brighten the room unobtrusively. Individuals opting for a more modern color palette can add metallic accents for sophisticated decadence.

Bring Florida’s Beauty Inside

Nature is crucial to reconnecting with the inner self and recharging after a long day. Consider extending Florida’s natural beauty into your home by placing greenery and potted plants in the room. Modern planters or wall mounted plant installations that leverage sleek finishes and geometric designs can be used to establish a modern, natural relaxation room.

Build a Sunroom

By building a modern sunroom, you can enjoy the beauty of the Florida outdoors while remaining cool, cozy, and comfortable inside. The windows of your sunroom can provide another gateway to nature, in addition to the plants you’ve added to the space. This area could be the perfect place to bird-watch, read a book, or admire your impeccable landscaping. You’ll also be able to soak up the sunlight while remaining indoors, which can brighten your mood and provide you with Vitamin D.

Play With Texture

To create a modern sense of zen, experiment with cozy textures to bring comfort and warmth to the space. Soft textures that bring calm and comfort without sacrificing the modern aesthetic include linen, faux fur, and velvet. Adding soft pieces, such as throw pillows, blankets, and plush rugs, may complement your modern design, adding dimension and personality.

Leverage What Works for You

Everyone prefers different elements to bring them a sense of calm and relaxation. Reflect on what brings you peace and work to creatively incorporate this into your zen space. Evoking certain scents, such as lavender or tea tree oil, or adding soothing water features can help bring extra tranquility to the room. Furthermore, an abstract piece that resembles a favorite childhood location or hand-drawn pictures of loved ones can bring a personalized and calming touch to any relaxation room.

How to Incorporate Elements of Tranquility Into the Rest of Your Home

While it is beneficial to have a dedicated relaxation room, the reality is that Florida professionals are often unable to dedicate lengthy periods to unwinding in one room due to hectic lifestyles. By bringing elements of zen into the rest of the home, busy Floridians can strive for an extended sense of calm throughout their daily routines. To bring calming design aesthetics into the rest of the house, adopt the following tips:

Extend the Color Palette

Certain elements of the calming color palette chosen for the relaxation room can be brought out into the rest of the home. Complementary calming shades can be used in subsequent rooms to bring consistency and tranquility to other spaces. For example, you could adopt a modern monochromatic color scheme with complementary shades that evoke peace.

Organize and Restore Order

Having key elements throughout the home that organize household items and prevent clutter can bring peace of mind. Homeowners can leverage modern storage solutions such as hidden closets, built in cabinets, floating shelves, and multifunctional furniture to keep clutter hidden away but still easily accessible.

Integrate Smart Home Technology

Leverage smart home technology to control key utilities and capabilities from a central point. Having personalized control of lighting, music, and temperature throughout the day can establish your Florida home as a place for a blissful retreat.

Blend Modern Elements

Bring modern decor and art into the rest of the house to promote sophisticated tranquility. By adopting minimalist sculptures and using abstract paintings with calming color palettes, homeowners can avoid overcrowding while bringing personality and modern design to the space.

Establish Cozy Corners

Even certain rooms in the house can have their own places of retreat. Multiple cozy corners can be designated throughout the home to serve as options for relaxing. Homeowners can install window seats with pillows and cushions, minimalist meditation corners, and reading nooks with modern seating to establish multiple getaways in the home.

Develop a Home Spa

Consider developing an in-home spa that leverages smart technologies with features such as steam rooms and saunas. Work to transform your existing bathrooms to function as modern spa-like retreats. By bringing in minimalist decor, using a calming color palette, and installing a rain shower or a modern soaking tub, homeowners can establish the perfect getaway in the bathroom.

Bring Tranquility to Your Florida Home With Zen, Modern Design

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